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Call home like you still live there

Simple - Affordable - International calls

How to use it

Pick a contact

Launch ricochet and select a long-distance contact.

Receive a local number

Ricochet sends a tiny web request to secure a local number for your call.


When prompted call the local number and you will automatically be connected with the contact you selected.



You don’t need to be a tech whiz to work with ricochet. No complicated hoops to jump through, no settings to tweak, just open the app, and make a call!


No more rolling the dice on whether or not your call will go through with spotty data connections or WiFi. Ricochet uses local numbers to connect you, wherever you are in the world!


All inclusive pricing. No unexpected fees or fine print. If ricochet supports calls to the number you are trying to dial, it's free! You just pay for the local call and we handle the rest.

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